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Scan documents into SharePoint document library



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The aim of this application is to Scan and Upload documents from scanners or PDF files directly into a SharePoint document library. Malaf supports two scanning modes:

  • Direct scan: Scan documents through Malaf, you can use all Malaf features such as validation, OCR templates, Barcode recognition, files manipulation …etc. then sync to SharePoint.
  • Quick scan: Scan documents and attach them to SharePoint directly without any extra clicks.

The process of scanning documents goes through five stages:


Capture images from scanner or hard disk


Extract data from images using OCR and Barcode technologies (supports Arabic & English languages)


Validate extracted data against predefined rules


Consolidate images to output files depending on predefined rules


Do auto indexing and classification for output files


Migrate output files to Sharepoint online with corresponding meta data

Quick Scan module is a part of Malaf Archive app, click here to see more features.

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Malaf is a desktop application, to get your trial version please Contact Us

Workstation Minimum Hardware

Processor 2 cores with 4 logical processors
Free Ram 2 GB
Hard disk space 25 GB

Workstation Recommended Hardware

Processor 8 cores with 10 logical processors
Free Ram 8 GB
Hard disk space 50 GB

Workstation Required Software

Windows 7 (64 bit)
Windows 10 (64 bit)
Microsoft visual C++ 2013/2017

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