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Built for Office 365 and SharePoint Online

Malaf is a scanning and OCR office 365 solution that connects with the cloud, with no need for a server.

Supports both TWAIN and WIA protocols

The two most common scanning protocols can both be used by Malaf.

SharePoint hosted data

Your data is entirely hosted on SharePoint, we keep none of it. Our solutions are GDPR compliant and fall under HIPAA coverage.

Supports Multilingual OCR

Malaf utilizes English OCR, Arabic OCR and a combination of the two.

Scan hard copies

Through its ability to support both TWAIN and WIA protocols, Malaf can scan hard copies documents to Office 365 SharePoint. When combined with the Direct Scan and Quick Scan add-ins, it becomes possible to scan documents to SharePoint library directly.

scan copies
extract text

Extract text using OCR

Built on Tesseract, an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine, Malaf can extract data from the text it scanned. This extracted metadata allows for more operations to be conducted on the documents, such as file separation, data validation and document retrieval among others. Also, our Office 365 scanning solution can read barcode from scanned documents.

Separate and classify templates

Malaf can identify and save multiple templates. This allows for proper data extraction for different types of documents. You can also run a data jacket on Malaf, allowing for classification of documents uploaded to Office 365 by automatically creating folders to store the uploaded documents based on the username, date or other metadata.

classify templates
validated data

Validate extracted data

Extracted data is compared against a set of pre-established rules to determine whether the data was extracted appropriately, and if so, allow it to be uploaded to Office 365 SharePoint to be archived.

Upload data to SharePoint Online

Once the validation process is complete, Malaf uploads the scanned documents, alongside their extracted metadata, to office 365 for long-term archiving, collaboration and easy retrieval.

upload sharepoint

Easy To Setup

Connect to Office 365

Login to your O365 account and associated SharePoint site.

Plug in your Scanner

Malaf supports both TWAIN and WIA protocols, both used by most scanners.

Build your OCR templates

Malaf can identify and save multiple document templates.

Set up your validation rules

To ensure the data is extracted properly.

Start scanning!

Clear the clutter

By using Malaf, you can reduce the physical clutter around your office and become more productive.

Capture your documents to SharePoint online directly, then you can utilize all Office 365 services to be more productive.

clear clutter
improve productivity

Protect your files against damage

Go paperless and archive your files to ensure long-term protection using Office 365 protection services.

Improve team productivity

Now that the documents are on the cloud, they can be easily retrieved by eligible team members, allowing for better collaboration and improved team productivity all within Office 365 eco-system.

protect files

More Features

By installing this Office 365 add-in to SharePoint, you can scan and upload documents directly into SharePoint, by using your configuration from Malaf.
Use the current username or a metadata field to create the file structure you want to organize the uploaded documents in SharePoint by; username/metadata first and date second or vice versa.
Malaf supports 4 different types of separation methods. Physical sheet separation: Separate batch-scanned documents by using a physical piece of paper that is placed between every group of paper you want to be their own document. Physical sheet separation is best used for documents where metadata extraction might be difficult. Metadata separation: Separate documents based on scanned metadata items. Malaf uses its OCR engine to look for a particular field, then separates documents based on the information in that field. Per number of papers separation: separate documents after every nth paper. Barcode separation: separate documents containing a particular barcode.
Malaf outputs documents in the form of a PDF file.
If turned on, Malaf will attempt to correct any the skew in a scanned file as best it can.
Best used with old papers. Malaf will attempt to “whiten” the white parts of the sheet and “darken” the dark parts of the sheet to allow for better scanning of old and decaying documents.
You can use a name prefix to be affixed to every uploaded document
Since documents must be in portrait, Malaf will rotate landscape documents into portrait mode.
By either using scanner capabilities or software capabilities, Malaf will eliminate blank pages from getting scanned among documents.
If your scanner doesn’t have the capability to remove blank pages, Malaf can do it for you. By relying on the white density that you define as accepted for a blank page. 100% white density will mean any dark spot on the paper will deem as not blank, a 50% white density will mean even if half the paper is not white, it will still be deemed as blank.
For input resolution, depending on your scanner capabilities, Malaf can scan in several different resolutions. For output resolution, you can set the resolution of the output documents, ranging from 75 dpi all the way to 1200 dpi.
You can merge and split files you scanned into multiple or a single document.
SharePoint add-ins are GDPR compliant and fall under HIPAA coverage.

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