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Manage & Track tickets Anytime, Anywhere, and from Any Device


Sharepoint & Office 365 Add-in

  • Supports Sharepoint 2016+ and Office 365
  • Supports Arabic and English languages
  • Subscription and One Time offers
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Mobile Responsive App

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Problem Catalog

  • Easy to create problems types and sub types
  • 3 levels of classifications and specialties
  • Can build team for each specialty and problem type

Build Team

  • Build team per specialty
  • The team can be single user or group of users
  • Permission model per team and individual user
  • Can specify a routing option for each team
  • Create calendar for each employee that contains business and working days

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Mountain View

Knowledge Base

  • Search about meta-data and content
  • Filter/Group meta-data
  • Access authenticated data

Escalations, Reminders, and SLA

  • Specialties driven escalations and reminders
  • A CAP can be selected to specify the maximum number of reminders and escalations that can be trigger for ticket
  • Recurring options
  • Automatically get employee managers to escalate the ticket
  • Build SLA per specialty, it includes Response Time, Fix Time, and Verification Time

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Mountain View

Routing Options

  • Specialties driven routing
  • 3 routing types (Direct assignment, Resource pool, and SPOC)
  • Assign tickets to single user (Direct assignment)
  • Assign tickets to group of users (Resource pool)
  • Assign tickets to single point of contact who will re-assign the ticket to others (SPOC)


  • Volume reports
  • Distribution reports

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Watch Video

Demonstration video that shows how to setup the system, then how to create and track tickets

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