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Handle your employees/customers trouble tickets and fulfill their service requests


Sharepoint Helpdesk App

  • For IT, HR, legal, finance and more.
  • Supports Sharepoint 2016+ and Office 365
  • Supports Arabic and English languages
  • Subscription and One Time offers
  • Supports all browsers
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Mobile Responsive App

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Recently, many companies are heading to move their systems to the cloud and slowly getting rid of on-premises systems with its overhead, in order to bring the focus on their core business. Microsoft office 365 (O365) offers several cloud services to assist companies in achieving so.

SteadyPoint helpdesk; is a SharePoint Add-in built using native SharePoint components that can be used by service desk employees as Office 365 ticketing system, Office 365 service desk add-in, or Office 365 help desk to support customer/employees trouble tickets and fulfill their service requests. It contains the following features:

SteadyPoint help desk collects tickets from different sources such as:

Self-service portal to listen for problems/complaints/requests of your employees and customers.

Receive calls from your customers and employees then transform them to tickets.

Monitor several email addresses/mailboxes and create new tickets in different queues.

Collect complains from your social media channels (e.g.: Facebook, twitter) and transform them to tickets.

Collect cases from your CRM and transform them to tickets.

Why SteadyPoint Helpdesk:

First, SteadyPoint Helpdesk does not reinvent the wheel. it completes the cycle of automating business operations in Office 365 instead. Another privilege worth considering is that SteadyPoint Helpdesk doesn’t require datacenters, security procedures, servers, backups, disaster-recovery plans, or investment for new IT employees.

Workflows and Flows in SharePoint, along with Helpdesk’s features, would allow a corporate to control the lifecycle of automating company operations using Office 365 services.

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We believe we have the better Office 365 Help desk solution for the following reasons:

  1. We implement custom permissions on tickets, which means that users can’t see other users’ tickets.
  2. We offer routing algorithm which automatically assigns the ticket to the correct team based on the ticket info. No need to choose the “Assigned to” by the user, this is configured by the admin.
  3. We offer workflow automation to automate handling the ticket and provide accurate reporting.
  4. Ticket Owner information is filled automatically from SharePoint User Profile Service UPS.
  5. When escalation is configured, we retrieve the manager automatically from SharePoint UPS.
  6. All our system components are incapsulated in the Office 365 Add-in, no lists are created outside the Add-in.
  7. We offer a perpetual license


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Problem Catalog

  • Easy to create problems types and sub types
  • 3 levels of classifications and specialties
  • Can build team for each specialty and problem type

Build Team

  • Build team per specialty
  • The team can be single user or group of users
  • Permission model per team and individual user
  • Can specify a routing option for each team
  • Create calendar for each employee that contains business and working days

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Knowledge Base

  • The system suggests resolutions automatically
  • Search about meta-data and content
  • Filter/Group meta-data
  • Access authenticated data

Escalations, Reminders, and SLA

  • Specialties driven escalations and reminders
  • A CAP can be selected to specify the maximum number of reminders and escalations that can be trigger for ticket
  • Recurring options
  • Automatically get employee managers to escalate the ticket
  • Build SLA per specialty, it includes Response Time, Fix Time, and Verification Time
  • Service requests escalations

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Routing Options

  • Specialties driven routing
  • 3 routing types (Direct assignment, Resource pool, and SPOC)
  • Assign tickets to single user (Direct assignment)
  • Assign tickets to group of users (Resource pool)
  • Assign tickets to single point of contact who will re-assign the ticket to others (SPOC)

Open Ticket via Email

  • No need to open helpdesk site
  • Include email content and attachments
  • Retrieve ticket owner from email
  • Route the ticket to suitable team

* This feature uses tenant Microsoft flow plan.

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Ticket Template

  • Build multiple ticket templates for custom type of tickets
  • Supports Text, Choice, Number, Date/Time, Note, Person/Group
  • Enforce validation

Service Requests

  • Build catalogue of services such as: Ask for help, Account Creation/Deletion/Modification, Grant/Revoke permissions, Backup/restore data, Change Requests, Ask for training …etc.
  • Build template, approval workflow for each service
  • Choose the team who will fulfill the service

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Additional Features

  • Tickets Re-open
  • Tickets Auto-close
  • Open Skype call within ticket form
  • Integrated with SteadyPoint Assets Tracking add-in
  • Tasks delegation
  • Export To Excel


  • MTTR
  • Ticket volume trends
  • Ticket distribution trends
  • Performance KPIs
  • SLA compliance rate

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Mountain View

Extend Office 365 Services

  • Skype
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Yammer
  • SharePoint

Open Ticket via Outlook

  • Provides the ability to create trouble tickets from emails.
  • Transform your received emails to helpdesk tickets directly from Outlook.
  • Automatically map email data to corresponding ticket data.

* This feature uses Azure instance.

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No-code approach that connects to hundreds of popular apps and services using Microsoft Flow.

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