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Multi-language support

SteadyPoint Help desk supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Turkish.

SharePoint hosted data

Your data is entirely hosted on SharePoint online in your Office 365 tenant, we keep none of it


SteadyPoint Helpdesk is an ITIL-Compliant Office 365 Add-in, designed with the best practice guidelines in mind.

GDPR and HIPAA compliant

SharePoint add-ins are GDPR compliant and fall under HIPAA coverage.

Collect trouble tickets

All your trouble tickets can be collected through our easy-to-use portal in Office 365, submitted by the users themselves or on behalf of them, or through your users sending tickets via email with the trouble ticket information. Using REST API’s and Office 365 Flow, you can start creating tickets from your own systems

collect tickets
route to team

Route to the correct teams

Manage your service desk by sending the ticket to the appropriate problem handling team through one of two approaches

  • Manual routing: Which involves assigning the ticket when it is created.
  • Automatic Routing: A pre-configured structure established in the Helpdesk routing engine, which works by sending the ticket to an individual assignee immediately, a team or a manager who re-assigns the tickets.

Collaborate with others

You are now ready and can put your different team members to work on the Help Desk tickets. You can follow-up on tickets, communicate with the ticket author for more details on the matter at hand, open discussions with internal users and write down tasks in the activity log.


Get detailed reports

Helpdesk provides tools for you to track performance and determine bottlenecks in the workflow. You can view detailed ticket reports, detailed performance report (comparing SLA to actual results) and MTTR reports. You can also view reports per customer. On top of all of this, you can export your data to excel for further report customization, or use our pre-built templates designed for Office 365 PowerBI

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Easy To Setup

Choose your users

Select the Office 365 users who will have access to the helpdesk system and customize the accessibility level of the different stakeholders.

Create your problem catalog

For a hierarchy of up to 3 levels, you can customize your catalog to be as vast as required to reflect all trouble ticket types that might come your way.

Build your teams

Assign the different help desk teams responsible for handling all the tickets. Put your best people on the correct.

Stay on top of new tasks

You will be instantly notified when a new ticket is created in Helpdesk, both through a real-time notification in the Helpdesk portal and an automated email sent to you the moment a new task has been assigned, that way you can remain up to date with your latest tasks in real-time.

You will be notified whenever a new ticket is created and directly assigned to you for ticket validation, handling and more.

never miss activities
stay on top of your tasks

Never miss an activity

With the activities log found inside every ticket, you can keep track of all the activities associated with that particular ticket. Some of the things you can keep detailed notes for include:

  • Aprrovals
  • Meetings
  • Calls
  • Follow-ups
  • Emails

Meet your deadlines

Helpdesk offers customizable escalations and reminders, allowing your Office 365 users to know when something has been left unattended.

  • Reminders are sent out as in-portal notifications and email alerts, allowing your users to know when something has been left without being dealt with past its due time.
  • A Manager is notified whenever a ticket is escalated.
  • Never miss a deadline, with colored alerts displaying the due time for each stage of the ticket life cycle.

More Features

Create a custom problem catalog that matches all the issues you expect your users to face. With up to 3 layers in the problem hierarchy (Area, Type and sub-Type), you can tailor the helpdesk add-in to fit your exact needs.
Helpdesk has a 4-level level user hierarchy, with Helpdesk Admins sitting atop the pile, site managers below them, team leaders follow, and finally the agents.
Automatic routing is based on one of three pre-configured approaches: Direct assignment, which is a straight-forward assignment of tickets to assignee. Resource Pool: A team-based, whoever picks it up deals with it. SPOC: an individual who first receives the ticket then assigns it to someone else. If your team is too small for any of those three, you can configure the service desk ticketing system to allow ticket authors to specify ticket handler from the ticket creation menu using manual routing.
Without needing to resort to the Helpdesk portal, you can submit tickets to the platform by sending the ticket content and any possible attachments via an email, and the helpdesk automatically retrieves the ticket, routes it to the appropriate team. You can do this from any email address. This feature uses Office 365 Flow.
Customers, partners and vendors can now go beyond just creating tickets via email, they can now communicate with Helpdesk technicians using email messages, and the technicians can reply to them. Plus, the dialogue is maintained on the ticket for documentation purposes. This feature uses Office 365 Flow.
Build teams consisting of one or more Office 365 users, per specialty/site/department/location/region or however you want to assign the members of a team to handle trouble tickets.
You can configure multiple Helpdesk calendars for those working overnight or on a different schedule than the default working calendar. This way, your users aren’t submitting tickets to people who are not available, and your SLA is maintained. Escalations and reminders won’t contradict with people out of working hours.
With the option to customize your SLA time-delivery, your ticketing system fits your needs and those of your customers. Set-up reminders for your technicians so that no ticket is left behind or create escalations for more urgent cases. With email notifications and a cap on the number of these reminders/escalations you can create a system where every problem is dealt with and nothing gets left out.
As you start to close tickets, the help desk system automatically creates a knowledge base for preserving the information for future scenarios. You can also manually add to the knowledge base yourself.
With easy to use app settings, the HelpDesk admin has organization-level control on all application data and users.
Customize your ticket creation process with additional information. Use these templates for any problem that requires further information than the base template.
From ticket and performance reports to MTTR reports, you can view detailed reports of how your entire helpdesk operation is doing. And if that’s not enough for you, you can export ticket data to Excel and create charts to your hearts content or use one of our pre-built O365 PowerBI templates to view your data on there!
When creating a discussion board, you can collaborate with other stakeholders/managers on any open ticket. You also receive a notification and an email when someone leaves a comment in the discussion board.
If you need to move all the tasks from one Office 365 user to another, in case of someone leaving their position or being re-assigned elsewhere, you can do so using task delegation.
If a ticket requires a second look, possibly because an issue that was assumed fixed was not solved, or because an issue resurfaced, helpdesk allows you to re-open tickets.
You can add people from outside your Office 365 to your contacts list, that way clients, vendors and partners can create tickets without needing to access the Helpdesk portal.
Many users never go back to verify the solution to a ticket they created. This is handled through Helpdesk auto-closing tickets after a pre-set time elapse.
The entire Helpdesk platform is mobile-friendly, so you can keep track of all your tasks on the go.

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