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Track And Manage Your Organization Hardware, Software And Non-IT Assets

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Sharepoint Assets Management App

  • Supports Sharepoint 2016+ and Office 365
  • Supports Arabic and English languages
  • Subscription and One Time offers
  • Supports all browsers
  • Integration with Active Directory

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A recent trend for organizations has been to move their system to the cloud and eliminate on-premisis systems, reducing overhead and shifting focus to their core business. Microsoft Office 365 offers several cloud-based services to assist companies in making that move. SharePoint Online is a workflows management service, built to helps organizations better manager their internal workflows.

"Assets Management" is a solution for managing the life-cycle of an organization's assets: It's an add-in for Office 365 that is easy to deploy and use.


IT Assets Management (IAM)

The IT asset management process involves gathering a detailed inventory of an organization's hardware and software and then using that information to make informed decisions about IT-related purchases and redistribution, it aims to track all IT assets from the point of purchase till disposal.

Key Features

The product contains the following features:

  • CMDB (Configuration Management Database)
  • Assets Tracking
  • Asset History
  • Contracts
  • Reminders
  • Integration with helpdesk
  • Multiple Roles


Configuration Management Database is assets database, holds asset types and their attributes such as category, site, ...etc.

Assets Tracking

The system can track entire asset lifecycle through the following stages:
  • In Store
  • In Use
  • In Repair
  • Expired
  • Disposed

Asset History

Every change in asset status is logged to form a history for each asset, the history contains previous and new status with the date of change.


In addition to assets, the system can track all IT contracts with their attributes (such as vendor, related assets, renewal dates, cost, ..etc.)


This is a powerful tool that enables assets manger to create a reminder for any asset/contract date attribute, the reminder is configurable to add before due date reminders and after due date reminders with the ability to select the recipients.

Integration with helpdesk

The system is integrated with Steadypoint Helpdesk , once a ticket on an asset is raised it will be reflected on the asset status as "In Repair".

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