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MALAF, it is a SharePoint and Office forms builder that enables your organization to securely capture accurate data and send it for reviewal and approval. Using MALAF you can design and publish forms across the organization, it can help you transform all forms in the organization to an electronic format without needing to rely on any programming knowledge. Simply build your forms using the PDF builder and save it to your Office 365 SharePoint Online and connect to it using MALAF.

MALAF key benefits:

  • Save time and money
  • Reduce paper use
  • Reduce human errors
  • Enhance quality of delivery

All forms are located in central repository inside Office 365 that will be continuously updated by a forms author. Users can retrieve up-to-date forms, fill then publish to start business workflows.

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Malaf is a SharePoint forms builder that is integrated with SharePoint and Office 365, end user can seamlessly connect to document libraries then to capture and push documents to SharePoint. It extends SharePoint permission and data models.

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It is integrated with organization active directory (AD) and exchange mail server through Sharepoint and Office 365 APIs, and any user can connect to it if granted permission from the admin.


No-Code Solution: No design or development skills required. Design the template using any PDF building tool, such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat. This enables the business users to build their own forms and minimize the time and resources spent in developing PDF forms from scratch.

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Input validation,formatting and Calculated Fields MALAF enables users to fill PDF files, add metadata to these files and sync it to SharePoint Online. PDF Forms are mapped to SharePoint Content so two kinds of metadata exist: PDF form metadata and SharePoint metadata. Data validation is important to ensure data consistency between these metadata.

  • You can enforce organizational policies by applying validation rules before submitting forms, reducing human error in data entry.
  • Every form has a category and can be indexed to be easily retrievable and searchable.
  • Define default values for SharePoint fields based on calculated values of PDF fields.
  • Ability to update SharePoint Metadata directly from the application.

Central repository of forms: All templates are stored in central SharePoint and Office 365 repository, easy to access from authenticated employees and easy to update from owners. Many repositories can be created to isolate business lines and authorities.

Manage Network Bandwidth: Users can choose to automatically sync forms to SharePoint Online or save it in a local repository to be synced at the end of the day during off-Hours to reduce the load on the network during working hours.

Capture documents: As a SharePoint forms builder; Malaf provides the ability to attach documents to the submitted forms: a user can attach documents from a hard drive or by scanning documents directly.

Email Notifications: Keep form actors notified via email by automatically sending an email when a form is submitted to SharePoint. Form author can also choose to send it for approval to a predefined list of approvers.

Barcode: The admin can enforce a policy for generated forms to include a barcode that will be used later in the archiving process

Jacket: Automatically create folders to save the submitted forms based on Form Metadata such as (area/employee/department/branch) or Time basis (daily, monthly, yearly) or a combination of both. This will help keep all submitted forms organized and easily retrievable.

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Workstation Minimum Hardware

Processor 2 cores with 4 logical processors
Free Ram 2 GB
Hard disk space 25 GB

Workstation Recommended Hardware

Processor 4 cores with 10 logical processors
Free Ram 4 GB
Hard disk space 50 GB

Workstation Required Software

Windows 7 (64 bit)
Windows 10 (64 bit)
Microsoft visual C++ 2013/2017


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