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Keep your documents safe, organized, and easily retrievable by One-click scanning to Office 365 and SharePoint.



The aim of this application is to archive organization documents for later retrieval, see below image

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The process of archiving documents goes through five stages:


Scan images from scanner or hard disk


Extract data from images using OCR and Barcode technologies


Validate extracted data against predefined rules


Consolidate images to output files depending on predefined rules


Do auto indexing and classification for output files


Migrate output files to Sharepoint online with corresponding meta data


Recently, many companies are heading to move their systems to the cloud and slowly getting rid of on-premises systems with its overhead, in order to bring the focus on their core business. Microsoft office 365 offers several cloud services to assist companies in achieving so. SharePoint Online is Office 365 Document Management and Archiving service; built to help organizations manage their document lifecycle. Unlike other archiving systems, SharePoint is a platform; not a system. It’s is highly customizable to build archiving solutions that best fit business needs.

Although SharePoint provides document management and archiving services, it does not however offer tools to convert Hardcopies to Softcopies with metadata. This is exactly when MALAF takes part in the process.

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MALAF ; which means file in Arabic, is a solution for capturing documents to the Office 365 SharePoint Online. It is a desktop application, which is integrated with office 365, WIA, and TWAIN scanners

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Malaf is a desktop application that is integrated with SharePoint, end user can seamlessly connect to document libraries then to scan and push documents to SharePoint. It extends SharePoint permission and data models.

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It is integrated with organization active directory (AD) and exchange mail server through Sharepoint APIs, any user inside the organization can connect if he granted a permission from admin.


Direct Scan: Scan documents from scanner to SharePoint document library directly without extra clicks. Mountain View See more about Quick Scan product.

Capturing: MALAF supports multiple options to scan documents; no matter where your documents are, MALAF can acquire all of them!, it supports the following sources:

  • Scanner
  • Hard disk
  • Network
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Image Processing: Before starting the process of data extraction, the image quality should be improved to a certain level. During the scanning process, MALAF performs image processing to remove any potential defects while preserving the content as it is. Below are some exmaples of image processing operations:

  • Auto Naming
  • Auto Page size correction
  • Skew Correction
  • Binarization
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Separation: The most challenging in capturing process, is how to combine related individual papers together into one file; as they scannedd by scanner individually.

MALAF supports multiple methods to separate multiple individual papers and combine them into one or more documents. Use of the appropriate method depends on the following factors:

  • Structure of scanned templates.
  • Number of scanned templates in one batch.
  • Number of pages per template.
  • Quality of text in scanned images.

Below are the separation methods supported by Malaf:

  • Separator sheet
  • Barcode separation
  • Metadata separation
  • Per number of pages

Data Extraction: MALAF uses OCR engine to extract texts from scanned images. It supports Arabic, English, and mixed languages. also it provides simple tools to define OCR templates, in order to recognize texts of created zones inside images. Mountain View

Validation: There are many factors that affect the quality of extracted data; such as the quality of scanned images, and used scanner capabilities. MALAF contains a validation module to validate the quality of extracted data and manually filled data using two techniques. Mountain View

Migration: After the documents are; scannedd, classified, data extracted and validated, the next step will be to push all documents to Office 365 SharePoint Online for archiving, collaboration, and most importantly retrieval when needed. Most SharePoint column types are supported; such as text fields, text areas, number, date, choice, lookup, and others. MALAF mission ends after the documents are synced to SharePoint online.

Malaf uses Jacket to Keep archived documents aggregated and organized, distinguish data on geographical and managerial basis per area/employee/department/branch …etc. every document data will be well organized for farther approval, auditing, and archiving activities on different time basis (daily, monthly, yearly). Mountain View

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Workstation Minimum Hardware

Processor 2 cores with 4 logical processors
Free Ram 2 GB
Hard disk space 25 GB

Workstation Recommended Hardware

Processor 8 cores with 10 logical processors
Free Ram 8 GB
Hard disk space 50 GB

Workstation Required Software

Windows 7 (64 bit)
Windows 10 (64 bit)
Microsoft visual C++ 2013/2017

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